PRVI KORAK (Eng. “the first step”) Entrepreneur Center Ltd. was launched at the beginning of 2012 as a result of increased demand for business support operations, particularly in the context of the upcoming integration of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union (EU) and the need for an increase in competitive and “absorptive” capacities of Croatian small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Our mission is to collaborate with the existing network of public and private SME support institutions in Croatia and in the EU in order to contribute to the process of strengthening of SME business support institutions as well as SME advisory services in Croatia. Our goal is to provide quality support and professional advisory services to SMEs and to play and active role in SME business development in Croatia.

Business philosophy of PRVI KORAK includes individualistic client approach through holistic analysis of our clients’ business operations, tailor made advisory services that suit the needs and interests of clients as well as provision of optimal and complete solutions for achieving clients’ business plans.

  1. Guidance and advisory services to foreign companies looking to locate in Croatia (FDI) and companies interested in public-private partnerships (PPP) in Croatia
  2. Cooperation on EU funded projects 
  3. Business development advisory services in marketing & sales including professional graphic and web design
  4. HUB to various services offer by our cluster partners (Cluster ZNAM!).


FDI Croatia
Foreign direct investment is of high importance to the development of the Croatian economy. The potential impact of FDI in Croatia is reflected in terms of regional development, employment creation, technology transfer and domestic investment. The Croatian Governement has reestablished the Agency for investments and competitiveness (AIK).

Furthermore, in addition to this Agency that will cater to large investments, the Government established HAMAG Invest whose tasks will include promoting and attracting investment, intensification of activities in the area of internationalization and strengthening the international competitiveness of Croatian enterprises in the single common European market and other markets as well as catering to midcap investments.

In addition to the fortified institutional framework for FDI, the Government of Croatia adopted a new Investment Promotion Law that will be even more generous for investors.

Large investors can contact AIK for further information on investment opportunities in Croatia while small and medium investors can contact HAMAG Invest for details on investment incentives and other investor guidance.

Investors who wish to invest in Croatia can predetermine the amount of incentives they can receive using the on-line incentives calculator available here: http://www.investcroatia.hr/investment-incentives/

In addition, Investments Center of the Croatian Chamber of Economy recently launched the Investment Projects Catalogue. You can search for investment opportunities from this catalogue on-line by clicking here.


Croatia in the EU
In the context of absorption of pre-accession funds in Croatia, as well as the upcoming structural and the Cohesion Fund of the European Union, we welcome interest for cooperation from international companies and institutions. All parties interested in cooperation on EU funded projects (i.e. consortia) and on cluster networking and cluster development projects, please feel free to contact us.


Graphic and web design
We are a group of talented creative minds who can help develop new marketing and sales ideas for your business. We specialize in working with small to medium businesses and understand ‘SME’ unique needs. We have worked with hundreds of businesses like yours and delivered numerous projects till date.

Our group of designers, art directors and copy editors can help you develop professional marketing communications, ranging from business cards to visual identities, strategic brand development, web site development and social networks presence. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs, high quality to meet your marketing and sales objectives and yet affordable, especially compared to European prices for alike services.

Feel free to contact us for reference portfolio or take a look at our works' gallery HERE.

PRVI KORAK clients include:
micro, small and medium enterprises, international corporations, companies in public ownership, crafts, NGOs and other associations, clusters, cooperatives, family farms and local and regional (district) governments and related institutions.