Full spectrum of services 'under one roof'

Cluster ZNAM ! (meaning I KNOW!) - Cluster of creative industries and business consulting functions as a 'HUB', providing customers support in solving all their consulting and creative needs 'under one roof'

We have established a cluster of creative industries and business consulting ZNAM!, the first cluster of this kind in Europe!

The word cluster refers to a group of similar objects growing closely or congregating together. In practice, the clusters represent connected companies who have the same interests in one or more different activities in a particular branch of industry or sectors, including companies that are in the same time both collaborators and competitors in a particular geographic area, with the inclusion of educational and / or scientific and research institutions, as well as of public sector representatives. Experience shows that clusters are one of the foundations of growth the economy's competitiveness and a country's economic and employment growth. Consequently, initiatives and support for the development of clusters and cluster development itself are of a crucial importance for the development of the competitiveness of the Croatian economy.

Joining clusters and their connecting to clusters outside Croatia is one of the solutions of how to deal with the competition in the global market.

The founders of cluster ZNAM! are:
Founders who have so far successfully worked together on the marketing and branding projects, web development, and application to national and EU grants, by cluster creation and integration in the "value chain" offer their customers value-added services based on the principle "all under one roof ", i.e." one - stop - shop ".

The accession of new members to the cluster ZNAM! is currently in progress in the fields of architecture, construction and design, interior and exterior design, production, PR, software development, standardization and certification, auditing, finding strategic partners and funding sources (investment bank), legal advice, intellectual property protection, translation, consulting services related to obtaining funds from the European Union structural funds, two educational institutions and regional development agencies.


Upon completion of the first round of cluster ZNAM! enlargement, the profiles of cluster members and their references will be published on our website www.znam.hr. Until then, you can contact us at e-mail: znam@znam.hr  for all mentioned services in the field of creative industries and business consulting.