Management consulting

Business consultants are the support to the Management Board in the advancement of business and in the preparation of strategic plans and business plans

Management consulting is a practice that helps companies and organizations to improve their business performance, primarily through the analysis of the existing organizational problems or issues, and through development of plans to improve the overall business performance. Organizations can rely on the services of business consultants which are initiated for a number of reasons, including engaging external, and thus more objective and independent advice, as well as access to specialized knowledge management which, as a resource often lacks in the organizations.

As a result of the involvement of consultants in the work of many companies, they are often a source of knowledge on "best practices" in certain industries (sectors) such as transfer and implementation of new technologies or improving business operations.

Consulting firms can provide leadership and assistance in the process of organizational changes, such as restructuring of the company and shifts in business (restructuring and turnaround management). Furthermore, with regard to the professional independence, business consultants are also often involved in the development of strategic and development documents. Business consultants are often a good source of transfer of related knowledge and skills (training, coaching).

Business consultants often bring with them their own or additionally developed methodology and a framework for the "snapshot" analysis and identification of problems that serve as the basis for recommendations of more efficient ways of performing working tasks.

PRVI KORAK provides consulting services in company restructuring, turnaround in the business, development of strategic documents and business plans using our own methods and tools based on "best practices" and the combination of knowledge and experience of the company's employees and specialized external experts with proven success.