New investments - FDI in Croatia

PRVI KORAK has years of experience in giving support to the clients who want to invest in Croatia and will be happy to be your guide through investment opportunities

Foreign direct investments (FDI), as well as domestic investments are of a great importance for the development of the Croatian economy. The potential impact of foreign direct investment in Croatia is reflected in relation to the regional development, jobs creation, technology transfer, and associated domestic investments. The Croatian government re-established the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness - AIK. Furthermore, apart from this Agency whose scope of activities focuses mainly on large investments, the Government also established HAMAG Bicro whose tasks include promotion and attracting small and medium-sized investments, stepping up the activities related to the field of internationalization as well as strengthening the international competitiveness of the Croatian companies in the European common market as well as other markets.

Beside the established institutional investments framework, in 2015 the Croatian Government adopted the new Act on Investment Promotion (OG 102/15) which offers generous incentives for foreign and domestic investors. The AIK and HAMAG Bicro websites offer Incentives calculators for large, as well as SME investors. The incentive measures are aimed at strengthening production activities and the use of new technologies, supporting research & development activities and stimulating employment.

This Act provides the following incentive measures:
  • Tax incentives,
  • Customs incentives,
  • Employment incentives,
  • Incentives for education and training,
  • Incentives for the capital expenses of investment projects,
  • Incentives for labor intensive investment projects.

Incentive measures can be used by enterprises registered in the Republic of Croatia investing in fixed assets in the minimum amount of:
  • € 50,000 and 3 new jobs created for micro enterprises
  • € 150,000 and 5 new jobs created for small, medium and large enterprises.

Potential investors can find an 'incentives calculator' for their intended investments:
For what is categorized as a 'large company' investors, AIK is the right point of contact while for investors from the SME sector, HAMAG Bicro is the place to request further information and guidance.

Here you can find web links to incentives calculators, guides to investment in Croatia and investment opportunities catalogs:

  Link to AIK Incentives Calculator (large investors)

  AIK Investment Guide

  AIK Investment Opportunities Catalogue

  Link to HAMAG Bicro Incentives Calculator
(SME investors)

Catalogue of investment projects in Croatia by the Croatian Chamber of Economy

The Center for Investments within the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) published a Catalogue / Database of investment projects in May 2013. Currently there are 108 private and public investment projects in various stages of preparation located in 20 Croatian counties, whose estimated cumulative value amounts to 5.9 billion euro. This Catalogue will be updated on a daily basis and it is available free of charge at the CEE website, both on Croatian and English language. Note: this catalogue contains investment initiatives of private entrepreneurs and local governments only, so it does not include state and/or state - owned company investment projects.

  Link to the CCE Catalogue of Investments

PRVI KORAK has years of experience in giving support to the clients who want to invest in Croatia and will be happy to be your guide through investment opportunities in all Croatian regions as well as the guide through a variety of laws on a national, regional and local level, whose aims are attracting the interest of the investors and facilitating the investment decisions (choice of location, mode of investment).