Pending changes to the Investment Promotion Act

Investors interested to start an investment in Croatia have to apply for incentives and begin their investment by 30.6.2014. if they want to benefit from current investment promotion benefits

The Government of Croatia has announced changes to the regional aid map as to be in harmony with EU's state aid guidelines.

Under the existing Investment Promotion Act, for local and foreign investors in Croatia changes in the regional aid map will bring "reductive" changes in the amount of tax breaks, subsidies for new employment, grants for capital investments and so forth.

According to the sources from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, investors who are interested to benefit from the existing incentives, need to apply for incentives to either AIK - Agency for Investment Promotion (large investors) or MINPO  (SME investors) and start their investment by 30.6.2014.

Here you can find the list of incentives available if you invest in Croatia including the "investment calculator" and application forms:  or you can download an Investment Guide here

As far as the incentives are concerned, post 30.6.2014. investment incentives will be slashed rather noticeably.

Therefore, should you have an interest to make use of the existing investment promotion incentives, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance at
Pending changes to the Investment Promotion Act

Date of news: 2.6.2014.