Preparation of loan requests

Our associates have extensive experience in the management and processing of credit applications and risk assessment projects - thus ensuring production of quality, clear and reliable documentation prepared for the bank to speed up the process of the application and approval of funds

Quality is increasingly becoming the key factor of economic efficiency and the basic principle of successful organizations operation.

The consequence is a growing revolution in the quality area, which affected all types of products and services, including the banking services. Therefore, banks in developed economies tend to organizationally, technologically and through IT reorient their business with a focus to the client.

The important indicators of the quality of services provided by the banks are measured by the clients waiting time and the number of backtracks because of the long waiting queues. An unhappy client is the worst result of the work and activities of banks.

Processing and monitoring of credit applications are important and indispensable segments of most financial institutions activities.

Digitization of data increases the speed and quality of the receipt and processing of applications, especially those with the most complex implementation process.

A course of processing the loan application is:
1) Informational meeting with a client
2) Loan application
3) Scoring
4) Approval
5) Contracting
6) Loan placement
7) Monitoring
8) Records of payment, changes in loan case, partial payment ...
9) Reporting

Trust us with your loan application - we want to assist you in an expedited process of loan approval in Croatian banks and especially in the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) who will be the key bank in offering subsidized loans for entrepreneurship development and new investments but also for loans intended for EU project pre-financing and co-financing.