PRVI KORAK encourages innovation and entrepreneurship and transform ideas into reality, helping to start a business and create jobs

Our approach to the clients is individual and involves a holistic approach to the analysis of business and customer needs, providing information and advisory services that fit the clients’ needs and interests, and finding the optimal and complete solutions aimed at realization of our client's business plans.

Among our clients are:
micro, small and medium enterprises, international corporations, state owned companies, craftsmen, associations, clusters, cooperatives, farms and local and regional governments and related institutions.

We are informing you about the changes in the business of PRVI KORAK Poduzetnički centar d.o.o.

The team of PRVI KORAK related to business consulting and EU funds has successfully been integrated and continues to operate in the same business line with increased capacities within DELOITTE Croatia.

For all inquiries related to business planning and use of EU funds, please read here more or send a request to CEHREU@DELOITTE.COM

Obtained grants for clients, projects and programs we worked on in Croatia:


  • Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the ITI Mechanism, PULA URBAN AREA (ongoing)
  • Preparation of the request for the acquisition of the Beneficiary Status on the basis of the Investment Promotion Act (102/15), Istrian county
  • Series of educational workshops  in Zadar county ”Effective management and usage of ESI funds in Zadar county" for the public sector
  • Technical assistance - Introduction of Women in Business (WiB) line in Croatian Post Bank, Croatia
  • Technical Assistance - Development of project ideas in the field of information and communication systems with the aim of finding possibilities for co-financing from EU funds and programs, City of Zagreb
  • Preparation of 3 project co-finance applications for the Public Call - Ministry of tourism - "Konkurentnost tourističkog gospodarstva"


  • Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the ITI Mechanism, PULA URBAN AREA (ongoing)
  • Ex-ante Evaluation of the Urban Development Strategy PULA (SRUP Pula)
  • Preparation of project submission for Interreg HR-BiH-ME (project on reserve list) 
  • Prefeasibility study for a major sports event, Istrian county
  • HAMAG BICRO EU funded small loan, Split-Dalmatia county - 50.000 euro approved
  • HAMAG BICRO EU funded micro loan, Grad Zagreb  -  ca 13.000 euro approved
  • Evaluation of applications for the public Call for the City of Zagreb "Internationalization"
  • Preparation of 5 applications for co-financing of SME projects from EU funds, the program "E-Impuls" (evaluation in progress)
  • Preparation of 3 requests for a public Call of MINPO funded by the EU "Innovation newly established SMEs", Zagreb (evaluation in progress)
  • Preparation of the request for the acquisition of the Beneficiary Status on the basis of the Investment Promotion Act (102/15), Varazdin county; approved
  • Prepared start-up project financing documentation (Feasibility study), pharmaceutical industry, Sisak-Moslavina county
  • The preparation of cost-benefit analysis (cultural heritage), Split-Dalmatia county
  • Project preparation for a public call HAMAG Bicro, Proof of concept program (project positively evaluated; conditional approval issued); 350.000 kn grant; Sisak-Moslavina county
  • Implementation of 3 the projects financed from the EU funds (ie. ICT grant schemes); Istra County, Zagreb, Brod Posavina county
  • Application for public call "Investing in health care at the primary level" for eligible applicant from Karlovac county,  212.593,50 kn grant awarded
  • Prepared 1 application for "Tourism competitiveness" call - grant approved in the amount of 30.000 HRK; Split - Dalmatia county
  • Prepared 2 application for the Call for NGOs, Cluster ZNAM!; City of Zagreb; grants approved in the amount of 40.000 HRK
  • Prepared a request for the acquisition of the Beneficiary Status on the basis of the Investment Promotion Act (2015), Brod Posavina county; approved
  • Lecturers in multiple educational workshops for entrepreneurs organized through Plavi ured entrepreneurship center (Zagreb): Business Plan, Project Management, Branding


  • Ministry of economy "Operational programme - regional aid for capital investments aimed at preserving working places and opening new ones" - approved for a large enterprise - grant aid amount 146.500 HRK, Varaždin county 
  • EU funded project on the national level: SMEPASS II consultants (Marketing)
  • EU FONDS Manager education lecturers for LAG Međimurski doli i bregi and LAG Podravina
  • Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts "ICT GRANT SCHEME" – projects approved for an SME - amount of aid cca. 487.500 HRK, Brod-posavina County
  • Advisory services (technical assistance) to the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning related to its role as Level 1 Intermediary Body in EU ESI funds in the financial perspective 2014.-2020.
  • Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts "Impuls" program - strengthening the competitiveness of service industries - 200.000 HRK of grant aid for an entrepreneur from Istria County
  • Implementation of 3 projects that received grants from the "ICT GRANT SHEME"
  • Advisory services in the implementation of 3 activities on the EU project "REPUBLIC MED"
  • Feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis for the reconstruction and extension of the cultural, informational and educational center, Zagreb County
  • Project evaluation - City of Zagreb (SME internationalization)
  • Prepared a request for the acquisition of the Beneficiary Status on the basis of the Investment Promotion Act (2010), Varazdin County; 10.8 million kn gross grant equivalent approved
  • HAMAG Invest "Impuls" program– successfully obtained for the client through Measure B1 – 989.286,00 HRK of grant aid
  • Ministry of Economy "Manufacturing" program - successfully obtained 1.455.321,45 HRK of grant aid
  • Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts "ICT GRANT SCHEME" – two projects approved - the cumulative amount of aid cca. 923.000 HRK
  • Ministry of Tourism - "Tourism Competitiveness" - Measure B – successfully obtained 75.000,00 HRK of grant aid
  • Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds – Public call "BRI" – Project positively evaluated and first on the reserve list for support
  • SMEPASS II project consultants (Marketing area)
  • Seven feasibility / prefeasibility studies for schools in Croatia
  • Lecturers on EU FONDS MANAGER Academy organized by WIFI Croatia, school yr 2014/2015
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - BAS program – cumulatively over 115.000 HRK grants for 2 women entrepreneurs for branding and website development, City of Zagreb and Split-Dalmatia County
    • Ministry of Tourism - program "Korak više" - 100.000 HRK grant for a caterer from Opatija, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
    • Ministry of Economy - "Manufacturing" program - cca. 1.3 milion HRK of grant investment in equipment for the entrepreneurs from the wood industry, Vukovar-Srijem County
    • Environmental protection and energy efficiency fund – energy efficiency investment in the sector of tourism and hospitality – obtained an interest-free loan of 1.4 milion HRK (800.000 HRK of non-refundable interest rate subsidy), Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
    • The project of a comprehensive restructuring of a company from the wood industry, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
    • Project of financial restructuring of the meat industry, Varaždin County (obtained refinancing in the amount of 3 milion EUR)
    • Part of the implementation of the EU project under the "MED" program, Zadar County
    • Over 10 educational workshops throughout Croatia, Austria and the UK
    • Over 10 loan applications for HBOR i HAMAG guarantees

• Ministry of Entrepreneuship and Crafts "Impuls" program - cumulatively 550.000 HRK grants for 2 entrepreneurs through 3 Measures (for the purchase of new machinery and equipment, marketing and internationalization), City of Zagreb Zagreb and Istria County
• Ministry of Tourism - program "Korak više" - 50.000 HRK grants for entrepreneurs from the island of Vis, Split-Dalmatia County
• Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, "IPA IIIC" for entrepreneurs - Concept Note accepted, City of Zagreb
• Tehnical Assistance project of the EU "IAENL" (NKE), national level
• Tehnical Assistance project of the EU "Cluster Development" (NKE), national level
• Seven educational workshops throughout Croatia

Business start 2/2012



  To whomsoever it may concern

"We have found the assistance given to us by Prvi Korak invaluable. We have had a 100% success rate in all incentives applied for so far, under the guidance of Ms. Skokovic Harasic, the CEO of Prvi korak. The firm can be highly recommended.“

Ajit Singh
ACG Worldwide
Mumbai (INDIA)

 "With team of PRVI KORAK it was easy and pleasant to work with and we are pleased with the results.  Highly recommended."

Nikola Rovis, Superius, Pula

"Prvi korak has proven to us their knowledge, expertise, commitment and up-to-date information. This means that with the right partner you can win grants available from EU funds as well as from Croatian national sources. It is important to be up-to-date with procedures and activities and to have a mentor and a leader e.g. project manager who can manage your project A-Z since we, as business people, have limited time and plenty of daily responsibilities. It is essential to have someone backing you up who takes care of project implementation in accordance with the demanding EU rules and procedures."

Marko Jurman, Filix, Pazin


"We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Prvi korak. Quality and professional approach of their young and professional team lead us to become grant recipients. Aristos plus achieved the right of getting grants for projects funded from European structural and cohesion funds. With these resources, Aristos plus will increase competitiveness and market share, but also will stay in touch with Prvi korak for any future tenders intended for co-financing planned investments."

Kristijan Grubišić, Aristos plus, Zagreb


"We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration we have with PRVI KORAK and with the result achieved. An individual approach, professionalism, expertise and the availability of understanding of our needs are just some of the features that were the basis for MINT grant. A team of young, smart and professional people whose results speak for them. Definitely our first choice for further cooperation."

Pero Ujević and Tomislav Tomišić, ATP Ujević, Split


"Counselors from the company PRVI KORAK created for us a business plan and supporting documents required for obtaining a loan for starting a business. We have successfully secured the loan, and with PRVI KORAK counselors we will remain in contact for future relevant tenders for co-financing of our planned investments from national and EU funds."

Marina and Stjepan Jularić, OPG Jularić, Dugo Selo

"With the expert guidance and support from the entrepreneurship center PRVI KORAK, through a program for women entrepreneurs of the EBRD we got a grant for branding and website creation. We are extremely pleased with the cooperation of the entire team of "PK"as they inform us about other opportunities to use grant aid for businesses, which is for us new entrepreneurs of great help. All entrepreneurs who want to concentrate on their work, and who want to leave the "worries" regarding entrepreneurial support and incentives to professionals, we recommend that you contact PRVI KORAK entrepreneurial center."

Nilda Franičević, director, Studio123 j.d.o.o., Split

"PRVI KORAK is made up of a team of experts whose expertise is at their customer's disposal 24/7. They are extremely friendly and efficient in solving all obstacles for small enterprises that may arise. You can really trust these people with important projects, just like us - we are the witnesses of their competence as in collaboration with the team of PRVI KORAK we secured generous incentives for our investment project and with great pleasure we will continue to cooperate with them."

Helena Ćoraš, Šiška ltd.
, Štitar

"PRVI KORAK d.o.o. should be called PRAVI NAČIN d.o.o. (THE RIGHT WAY Ltd). – they know their business, it is easy to agree with them and they commit to the agreed deal. In cooperation with them we have been granted funds from the Entrepreneurial Impulse 2012 and we have continued our cooperation in the field of EU funds, but also extended it to the area of creativity and marketing. "

Leonardo Siladic, CEO, MIREO d.d., Pula

"PRVI KORAK solved all our concerns regarding the application of our projects in a quick and an efficient way. Along with advising how to approach the Calls for Proposals, they also informed us about the upcoming tenders and grant applications. Our experiences, seen through the prism of small business owners, are more than positive and we recommend this team who inspires with its professionalism, accuracy and openness. "

Petra Kvesić, service construction company VIS ADVENTURE & Pino Vojković ALTERNATURA d.o.o., island Vis

"Thanks to the professional support of the entrepreneurship center PRVI KORAK, we successfully obtained almost 390,000 HRK grant from the Entrepreneurial Impulse 2012, which we used for modernization, market research of the European Union area and the creation of TAURUS METALKRAFT brand for our products. Hereby, we have become even more competitive and ready for all the challenges of the European market. "

Deni Babic, owner Taurus Metalkraft, Zagreb

"We have established a partnership relation with the company PRVI KORAK, where we are advised on a daily basis about new aid and grant tenders. We esteem them as experts in their business and very reliable partners, especially in this transition period, when we prepare our company for the large European Union market."

Marijan Pojatina, Director, Olival d.o.o., Zagreb

"The company PRVI KORAK is certainly a good choice of partner on the way to the European Union funds support, but also as a guide to the many other competitions for national aid. Their knowledge and efficiency helped our team in the implementation of several projects. Now that we have become a part of the EU family, any information and advice on EU 'rules' is of the utmost importance to us, especially because we are export-oriented company in the field of processing of plastic masses - in our business PRVI KORAK is a significant support in reaching the EU market."

Weltplast d.o.o. team, Odra

"We were brave enough to admit to ourselves that we must implement a restructuring program in our company. The engagement of PRVI KORAK proved to be the right choice. They showed expertise, knowledge, promptness and willingness to face the challenges of turning points in the business. They offered us concrete and adequate solutions and managed to motivate the team of associates to work together towards successfully restructured company."

Marijan Filipovic, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, FinvestCorp d.d., Čabar

Our desire is to be recognized as a reliable partner and an active participant in the process of improving your business.