Restructuring & turn-around management

Financial and comprehensive restructuring of the company is used to overcome difficulties in the business, but also raising the value of the company

Could your business benefit from a corporate restructuring?

Corporate restructuring is a set of important changes in the financial structure of the company, ownership, control and business portfolio, and it is designed to increase the company's value. If you want to increase the value of the company, the possibility of reorganization of financial assets is very likely to happen, in order to create the most favorable financial environment.

Financial difficulties are often created over a long period of time and become evident when it is almost too late. Management often focuses on daily operations, and it regularly happens that growing financial difficulties become visible after a decline in turnover or economic crisis.

In such cases, finding the cause can be lengthy and difficult process and it often requires help from outside of the organization. Neglecting financial difficulties, especially with the view that the "the situation will be fixed bymend itself" usually leads to company downfall.

On the other hand, when tough decisions, such as closing unprofitable centers or dismissal of excess employees, have to be made, the management often postpones them out fear of making wrong decisions.

PRVI KORAK is specialized in financial restructuring of companies facing crisis situations: as external, independent associates we have the ability to properly assess the business needs and prescribe appropriate "remedy“, e.i. to propose solutions in crisis situations.

What does financial restructuring entail?
In case of excessive debt, we lead direct negotiations with all the participants in relation to debt settlement, execute liquidation of non-core assets, and provide the capital needed for continuation of the business.

We also help to develop a business plan with details of the new financial and business direction of the company and steps that are necessary to achieve success.

PRVI KORAK, thanks to many years of experience of its team of experts and a number of successfully implemented restructuring projects, provides the most effective solutions available as well as fast implementation of activities.

Our experience shows that changing a business direction of our clients who adhere to our instructions and recommendations subsequent to our restructuring guidelines can be seen in as early as three months.