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The primary goal of corporate finance is to increase the value for company owners

Corporate Finance is a field in finance dealing with the financial decisions of businesses throughout their life cycle. It includes tools and analyses used to make financial decisions important for business performance. The primary goal of corporate finance is increasing the value for the company owners. Corporate finance distinguishes long term and short term techniques and decisions. Decisions on capital investments are of long-term nature and they are related to i.e. decisions in which projects to invest and how selected projects will be financed (own capital investment or through borrowing).

The term 'corporate finance' is also associated with investment banking, where the role of financial advisers is to precisely estimate the financial needs of the company and to find the appropriate type of capital that best fits to the company needs. Therefore, the term 'corporate finance' is often associated with transactions in which capital is collected and directed to the creation, development, growth or mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Cooperation with the investment bank Equilor
PRVI KORAK in cooperation with Equilor Investment Ltd. and Equilor Consulting d.o.o. advises entrepreneurs in the area of corporate finance related to finding a strategic investor and / or funding sources according to the client needs.

Equilor is the investment bank with proven experience in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), whose client base consists of numerous successful companies, international corporate entities, venture funds, and government institutions. Equilor’s corporate finance department is specialized in finding financial resources, consulting on mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions and other corporate finance services. Equilor was involved in significant transactions in various sectors including energy, real estate, insurance, telecommunications, as well as in transactions of private and venture capital, syndicated financing and capital market transactions.

More about Equilor can be found here.

If you are thinking about a new project, finding funding sources or if you are looking for strategic and / or financial partner for your business, please contact us for informational meeting where we will together consider all financial options and choices of financing and types of financial advisers.