Workshops & training

PRVI KORAK prepares and conducts educational workshops and seminars tailored to fit the needs and desires of our customers

Depending on the profile of workshop participants, the topic and group size, education sessions are conducted by one or more professional trainers.

Our approach is interactive and educational workshops consists of a combination of theorey and practical work on real-life examples of projects and individual consultations.

Please find below the list of our workshop topics that we conducted in Croatia and abroad:

• Introduction to funding opportunities from various EU funds (1-2 days)
• Preparation of projects for EU funding (2-4 days)
• Preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and the "cost-benefit" analysis acc. to the EU methodology (3 days)
• The implementation of EU projects (2-3 days)
• The implementation of EU projects with a focus on financial management, project administration, reporting and control - including financial planning and accounting of the project (2-3 days)
• Public procurement in the context of the use of EU funds - P.R.A.G. and national legislation (2 days)
• IPARD (2 or 3 days)
• The implementation of the IPARD program (2-4 days)
• EU legislation - changes to accounting aspects in Croatia (1-2 days)

• The establishment of cooperatives and cooperative entrepreneurship (2 days)
• Economic partnership - Cluster Development (2 days)
• How to become an entrepreneur (1-4 days)
• Writing a business plan (2 days)
• Project Management (2 days)
• Personnel management (2 days)
• Competitiveness analysis (1-2 days)
• The introduction of a quality system (1-3 days)
• Creating a successful export plan (1-2 days)
• Internet marketing and social networks (2 days)
• Entrepreneurial approach to business (1-2 days)
• Business strategy from vision to operations (1-2 days)
• Financial and economic management in crafts (1-2 days)
• Current guidelines of the tax system in Croatia (1-2 days)
• Work and labor legislation in Croatia (1-3 days)
• The relationship of strategic and operational management in a company (1-2 days)
• Financial analysis (2-4 days)
• Methodology for feasibility studies (2 days)

• EBCL European Business Competence License - A (2 days)
• EBCL European Business Competence License - B (3 days)
• Leadership (1-2 days)
• Ethical business (1-2 days)
• Information technology for small and medium enterprises (1-2 days)
• Conflict resolution (1-2 days)
• Decision-making in crisis situations - speed and caution (1-2 days)
• Negotiations toward the desired goal (1-4 days)
• Teamwork for better results (1-2 days)
• Market performance (1-2 days)
• Effective management of meetings (1-2 days)

Workshops and seminars are held at the client's request ("in-house" training) while we regularly hold free workshops related to the publication of Public Calls and Tenders in Croatia.

From autumn 2013 we will be organizing regular information sessions and Open Door Days for entrepreneurs.

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